Yangu Beauty Line Review


We had the honor and pleasure to meet Sipho Gumbo almost one year ago at the Bella Kinks Natural Hair Expo. This was our first event to attend as Virtuous Virgos and the first of many. We started talking with Sipho about who we are and she told us that she was in the process of creating her own beauty line for women of color. We exchanged contact info and went on with life.

Fast forward to now and it is AMAZING to see how much has changed. So Sipho has officially rolled her product line and we are SO excited to tell you all about it! Yangu Beauty tailors to all skin types which is great because no two are the same. Yangu in Swahili means “My”. Yangu Beauty brings your natural beauty out without harsh treatment to your skin. Yangu is also a common nut in Africa that produces oil which is great for moisturizing your skin. Steph has normal to dry skin and Necia has combo skin. So we both used different products.


Steph | Steph has super dry skin, so she went with the Gel to Milk Cleanser product. This product is a clear gel and is oily. As you add water to it the product becomes oilier. Gently rub the product on your face in a circular motion. Then rinse the product off your face. My skin still felt oily but once I patted my face, my skin felt AMAZING and SUPER MOISTURIZED!!! After this I add a little moisturizer to my nose area, because NO MATTER what I do this area ALWAYS remains dry. My final thoughts on this product is that it is great for those with super dry skin. If you have oily skin, don’t do it. I actually had a bit of a glow and got compliments from tons of people.


Necia | Yangu Beauty was made for a modern woman of color by a modern woman of color. After testing most of all mainstream brands, one thing about this brand that stands alone is that each product contains natural ingredients sourced directly from Africa.The Cleansing Whip with YMB Complex gently cleanses your skin without stripping your skin. If your skin is sensitive, this light cleanser would be great for morning refresher. It is a product that is gentle on your face and will not give you the feeling of super dry skin.

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