Why You Need to See Our September Favs


Yangu Beauty| Steph has normal to dry type of skin. This poses many challenges when trying to use makeup. A nice matte foundation is GREAT…until there is a dry patch. This product has helped to not have any dry patches just pop up on a sista. Suffer with dry skin? Try this product out.

Headdress by Sherri| Steph purchased 2 styles of this handmade wrap. These designs are very nice and can give you a fun way to dress up a basic casual outfit. This design is one of her favorites because it is sooo unique. This headwrap can be paired with a ripped jeans, white t-shirt, and tons of gold bangles and chucks.  

Rosebud Perfume Company Strawberry Lip Balm| There is NOTHING worse than dry chapped lips!!! Ok, ok, maybe there is worse, like jacked eyebrows, too much concealer, BUT that’s beside the point!!! Here is a lifesaver and a GREAT way to keep your lips beautiful in supple.It also smells AMAZZZIINNGGG!!! 


NYX Eyebrow Gel| This product makes it soooo easy to get defined and gorgeous eyebrows. Steph is working on a tutorial video. The formula is very nice and thick. Also this product truly lasts! Steph has been able to wear this with no problem in the hot summer days of Texas. So be sure to subscribe to the blog and our YouTube channel to see it her tutorial first.


Traveling to NYC| Steph had the opportunity to travel to New York and she is still reflecting on her time there. New York is definitely one of a kind place with so many different people and cultures. To be able to see the Statue of Liberty with your own eyes is amazing. Television does NOT truly encompass all that it is. STATUE-OOF-LIBERTY-VIRTUOUS-VIRGOS

Silk Elements Oils|  We got this product while at the New Orleans Natural Hair Expo.This works so well with a dropper in order to reach your scalp. Also it helps to not be heavy-handed with your products, sometimes more is not necessarily better.


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