Why You Need to have Wise Counsel



None of us get to where we are by ourselves. Whether you like to admit it or not there has always been someone behind you rather it was positive or negative.


The Lord is primary in seeking when it comes to decisions, however there are times where you need a person to bounce ideas and goals off of. Having a steady trustworthy mentor, counselor or advisor does not make you a weak person. You are stronger knowing you need the help and tapping into it. These individuals are not only a great commodity but also something the Word of God supports.

Plans fail for the lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” –Proverbs 15:22


Don’t wait until you have a life event or crisis to seek guidance.

If you are serious in your goals whether it’s personal or professional; know when to seek wise counsel. Remember discernment is key, so pray the Lord sends you the right people to pour into your life and that you are ready to receive.

God Bless.

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