When Life Collides


Yes, it’s true, you can have too much of a good thing. For instance, too much fruit in your diet can lead to increased sugar levels in your body; too much of work can exhaust or even kill you. So many individuals struggle with balancing work, home, church responsibilities, being a care-giver and various other titles. Society makes you feel like you have to be apart and do everything but remember you can’t do everything OR be everyone.

Pray for the spirit of discernment. This is vital to be able to know whether the Lord is calling you or if it is selfish desires. Time is invaluable and cannot be replaced. Ask and see the Lord for guidance to see the best way to spend your time and gain balance.

Discernment also helps with decisions in your life. At times we all have been hard headed. You know you shouldn’t have continued that relationship, you know you shouldn’t hang with that one person, but still you continued on. These are events in your life that wasted your valuable time and energy.

However, despite your jacked up past or sketchy actions, the LORD is ALWAYS ready for you to accept him. He takes you as you are; worn, bruised, and decimated. We are praying that as you read this, the LORD is reducing the stress in your life and sharpening your focus on him to guide you. Be blessed and spread some virtuous love!


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