What We Learned in Our First Year of Blogging

What-We-Learned-Our-First-Year-Of-Blogging-VirtuousVirgosWe can’t believe we have been blogging for ONE year!!! Times flies when you are having fun…and…learning..and…trying not to pull out your curls lol. Jokes aside we have grown a lot individually and collectively, here are a few things that we have learned.

  • It’s hard and fun at the same time. It is so fun to be able to use your creativity, but at times it comes in spurts. Also being that there are two of us we have to blend both of our ideas and personalities together.
  • Defining your audience helps to produce better content. At first we thought ohhh everyone can relate to our us! We are talking about everything, but that is not true. We discovered that our audience is generally women our age! This helped us with creating better content for our audience. We did not want to write about things that did not interest them…I mean…who want’s to be bored.

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  • Just be you-Don’t compromise. This is one of the BEST things we could have learned! It is waaayyy easier to be who you already are! At times we would be like ahhh should we write this? Is it too silly? too serious? too happy? Well you love us for us and we love you for you! The beauty of Virtuous Virgos is that we a fun and happy friends embracing life.
  • People will identify you with your gifts. This ties back to our previous point, people connect with us and what we love to do. We love attending events, taking pictures, and writing. Steph loves to take pictures of flatlays and products. Necia loves to journal and write. Between the both of us, we have awesome talents. We learned that together our gifts complement each other.


  • Don’t rush your growth. The best things come with time. Patience is a virtue. Yes, Yes we know this but mannnn sometimes you just want to see the increase! We learned that growth comes from consistency and bomb content.
  • Have quarterly checkpoints. Checkpoints are need to touch base and realign if needed. We set goals quarterly, this helped us to budget and plan accordingly. Blogging is not our full-time job, so having this checkpoint was helpful for us to evaluate what was working and not working.


  • Plan ahead and keep your budget. We planned weekly conference calls to review schedules, upcoming events, and budgets. This is critical, especially we wanted to be able to spend time with our families and relax. Blogging takes a lot of time away from our families, so we had to plan ahead to be effective with our scheduled time.
  • Time is money-Invest time in your brand. Boy, boy, boy. The time spend on setting up the website, picking out a template, scheduling pictures, taking pictures, editing pictures, writing, planning…and the list just continues! Sooo much time is needed in order to produce consistent and constant content.


  • Learn from your mistakes don’t harp on them. This was a hard one to do. We are both perfectionists! So once there was a mistake we would make a note of it, laugh about it, and then move on. Seriously life is FULL of mistakes. Many of the things we enjoy today were failed inventions. Everyone makes mistakes, so we moved on.
  • Network. This is the MOST fun aspect of blogging that we have discovered so far! We love people and hugs. It is so great to interact with people online BUT to see them in person and talk with them? Absolutely wonderful.


  • Continually grow and expand on your craft. We went to many workshops this year in order to get better. It was so great for us to step outside our bubble to see what others are doing in blogging.We are very fortunate to live in Dallas, Texas with some highly qualified and top rated content creators.
  • Share knowledge with other bloggers. Blogging is a sisterhood and community. We all have a passion for whatever it is we are sharing with our audience. Our audience is our family that we love and want to provide wisdom too. So why not share the wealth with others? We always want to be a blessing to others because they are MANY bloggers that have shared their knowledge with us.

Thank you for all of your love and support for us in our first year! We love you and wish many blessings for you and your family. Let us know what content you want to see more of from us for year 2!

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    1. Congrats on your first year coming soon! That is so great! Yes we have definitely learned a lot and it has been soooo much fun!

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