Steph’s Trip to NYC


Steph took a trip to NYC and it was wonderful. It is nice to have a change of scenery.To be honest, this was a place that Steph said she never wanted to visit! New York City is seen as such a bustling city and everyone is rude. So this is why Steph was so nervous about visiting, but her friend Lady K found tickets for the low low! So when you find yourself with the opportunity to visit somewhere new for the low low, you just go for it!


So we booked our tickets and an Airbnb for this 3 day adventure. We absolutely did not have any idea or plans on what were were going to do. We woke up and then jumped onto to Groupon to see what deals we could find. One of my favorite things I love to do on vacation is to visit museums and to take tours. We had a list of some awesome places to check out from my co-worker. This list had restaurants, museums, and places to see.


The first day we flew in on a Wednesday and we checked out Times Square as we waited to check into our AirBnB later that afternoon. We were starving and keep walking in circles so we just decided to eat at what else…but a TGIF lol. After eating we then took an uber to our AirBnB in Manhattan. After that we roamed in the neighborhood and was just enjoying the fact that people were actually outside! Here in Texas no one is outside, because it is a gazillion degrees.STATUE-OOF-LIBERTY-VIRTUOUS-VIRGOS

The second day we jumped on Groupon and found a deal for Liberty Island tour and ferry ride to go see the Statue of Liberty. it was so great and AMAZING to see the Statue of Liberty in person! To be in awe of something so historical and a large representation of America. The ferry ride was relaxing, just to be surrounded by this much beauty. The most interesting aspect of visiting this landmark is to see all the different type of people and to hear all kinds of languages in one area. Here in Texas the most prominent languages are English and Spanish. We got to go inside the Statue of Liberty and get one of the best views of the surrounding areas.


The third day we went to famous places like Junior’s Bakery for my favorite dessert, cheesecake lol. We also went to the Carlos Bakery AKA the Cake Boss as well. Later then we went to Harlem to eat at Red Rooster. If you ever visit or live there I highly recommend this place, the food and ambience was fantastic.


We took a night bus tour and it was awesome and provided a great view of the whole city. The bus tour started in Times Square and took us to Harlem, Brooklyn, Soho, Chinatown, and more. It was so beautiful to see the city at night, however, not going to lie…it was a little nerve-racking to be on the top of a double-decker bus on bridge….yup…just…a…little bit.


Overall this was an amazing trip and I am looking for a way back, I think next time I will go hangout in Brooklyn and visit some museums.


Have you been to New York City before? What are some of your favorite places to visit? Any tips? Share them below in the comments.


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