Steph’s Long Floral Dress

Floral is one of Steph’s favorite patterns. It is also so funny when it comes to pick out clothes for an event that requires something solid. It is dang near impossible for Steph! 😅😩😓. So guess what? Here’s ANOTHER Floral Dress for the books. 

Ok, ok, this one is different. It’s a long maxi dress this time. This dress was actually one of Steph’s first purchases using the Wish App. Boy oh boy. This app is the DEV-VIL 😂😩😜. Seriously it makes purchases toooo easy. 

The app primarily has items from overseas. It’s reminiscent of an eBay type of selection. The items are not going to come like the Amazon Prime speed lol. Overall it takes about 2 weeks or so get your purchase.

This maxi is definitely more on the dressier side and would be perfect for a wedding. It is super comfortable, pairs best with heels or wedges. 

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