Steph’s Birthday Look


Hey Fam! I want to thank everyone so much for ALLLL the birthday love I received on August 29th! I am delighted and extremely thankful to see 31! This has been one of the best years in my life. I have fully accepted living fearlessly to pursue my dreams with launching Virtuous Virgos and my photography business Phoenix Michele Photography.


My style is very fun and bright. So for my birthday look, I went with this super cure and fun Black Barbie shirt from U Got Me Twisted Apparel. This shirt just spoke to me. Barbie is generally seen as blonde, blue eyed, and skinny. None of those physical description do NOT describe me at ALL, BUT I am a Barbie. I am my own type of Barbie, as well as you are too. Don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise honey! ANYWAYS just wanted to drop a dime real quick lol.


On to this skirt! I had the opportunity to go to New York City for the first time last month and it was WONDERFUL! On this trip much shopping was done, this skirt was purchased in Harlem in a ship close to the world famous Apollo Theater. This skirt was so glorious and I KNEW I HAD to have it for my birthday. This skirt can be paired with a chambray skirt, t-shirt, or even a blouse. In this case I paired it up with the Black Barbie shirt.


Comment below about my birthday look. What are some of your favorite birthday looks?


2 thoughts on “Steph’s Birthday Look”

    1. Thank you Memory!!! 😘 I picked up the skirt on vacation in Harlem. 😍. When I saw it I KNEW I had to have it!

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