Stack like a Betty


We met Cymande the creator of Ugly Betty Boy Crush at Tia Kirby‘s Moms & Kids with Curls event last December. She was very warm and welcoming of us to be creative by mixing, matching and/or customizing any stack to our liking.


Necia immediately knew what she wanted as she saw a color set online. Steph unfortunately was a bit lost and took forever to get what she wanted together.


So, let us share some of our tips on how to stack like a true betty.


First, you need to  check out her site and see what’s trending and options for your next stack, cause you can’t just get one.


Next, look in your closet and see what you have most of to match your next stack.  Most of the time what you drawn to on the site will go with what’s in your closet-if not adjust unless you are looking to revamp your closet soon. Necia loves to mix metals since her closet is all over the place yet Steph loves her naturals, pinks, and purples.


Finally, add your personal touch with charms and/or bling. Who you are should reflect on your stack. Don’t be afraid to do it big with extra bling.


Go stack like a betty and remember it’s not just an accessory it’s a lifestyle.

Let's talk about it.