Playing Roulette in the Raine

 Steph finally decide to try out Coloured Raine💄! These lipsticks are all over Instagram! Everyone and their momma has these! There are a wide assortment of colors, from reds, purples, blues, and browns.

Steph loves😍 purple lipstick and decided to try out the color Roulette. She purchased it directly from the Coloured Raine website for $17.00 with a 10% discount code.


– The color selection is great! 😍 There is something for everyone. So you’re a classy chick, huh? Well there are plenty of reds and nudes to choose from. Ohhh but wait,  I see you’re the fashion rebel? There are blues and greens for you.

-One swipe of color is all you need! The color is intense, and just gorgeous👄.


-There is a learning curve here, it dries very fast. You will have to be precise with your application. In order to get these pics, Steph had to do a few takes😣 #bloggerproblems #notapro

-You will be able to see EVERYTHING. Do not wear this if you have NOT exfoliated your lips. You will want to put on a lip balm before application. However, this is the case with all matte lipsticks.

-If you see a shade you like you better purchase it! Some of these shades sell out fast! You can sign up for their email list and you will be notified when shades are back in stock.

Overall this lipstick is good and worth the hype 😎. The next shades that will probably be purchased are Cherry Blossom and Mars. In comparison to MAC Retro Matte, Coloured Raine performs better, however the applicator for MAC feels better.

Have you purchased any Coloured Raine lipsticks? What do you think of them?

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