Do you feel caught in the net when it comes to networking? Well, you are not alone.

We are sharing our Top 4  Be affirmations on how to be relaxed and successful when you are networking.

~ Be Comfortable~

What you wear is essential. We simply suggest you dress for success.

This is not the time to break in those new shoes.

Choose wisely and remember-when in doubt leave it out.

~Be Prepared~

Bring any materials that you need and do NOT assume anything will be provided.

This includes a pen, your business cards, marketing material and or some mints to keep that breath fresh. Have your elevator pitch ready-practice makes perfect. So organize yourself mentally and physically.

~ Be Confident~

Reassure yourself that you have something everyone else doesn’t and that is simply YOU. If you follow the first 2 Be affirmations this will come with ease.

Keep your back straight, hold you head up high and shine.

~Be You~

Be yourself; don’t waste your time trying to put on face by being something you are not. Be you and know that what is for you is for you. If you have to put on a face it won’t last eventually the real you will come out. So why not be the best you, you can be.

We are planning something for you to come out and practice. See you soon.

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