One Slip Dress. Two Looks.


Steph has been on the HUNT for a black slip dress! Slip dresses are so HOT! Steph loves the versatility of the slip dress being edgy and sexy at the time. Rue21 has been top-notch for Steph with their plus-size options. What makes this look even BETTER, is that this was picked up for $5.00!!! Ayyyeeee!!!! Yes!!! #winning #islay #onabudgettho lol.

For this first look I paired it with a white v-neck shirt. This is typically how these slip dresses are styled for a casual street look. Keeping up with the street fashion look, black leather casual sneakers are worn. This looks can be taken up a notch with a pair of strappy platform heels in print or velvet.
20161119-img_0050 20161119-img_0051

For the second look the slip dress is tucked into a pair of ripped jeans and a leopard print duster. Steph also picked up the leopard print duster from Rue21 also for 5.00.
one-slip-dress-two-looks-duster-virtuous-virgos-1 one-slip-dress-two-looks-duster-virtuous-virgos-2 one-slip-dress-two-looks-duster-virtuous-virgos-3 one-slip-dress-two-looks-duster-virtuous-virgos-4

This leopard print duster is very chic and cool at the same time. This is certainly a statement piece. This would also be great with a velvet v-neck dress would be perfect.

What do you think about slip dresses? Do you like this trend? Which of these were your favorite looks?


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