Like A Bawse

Steph purchased her Bawse Lady lipstick at the World National Hair Show in Atlanta last week. The creator Melissa Butler was actually on Shark Tank. Have you ever watched Shark Tank? You need to. It is educational and fun to see entrepreneurs pursing their dreams πŸ’ƒπŸΎ.
Steph loves loves loves red lipstick 😍, especially a blue-based one. Blue-based reds look best on her. You should rock a blue-based red lipstick because it makes your teeth look whiter. Read on to see Steph’s thoughts.

Pros πŸ˜€:
-Highly Pigmented
-Very easy to put on
-Great applicator
-Has great moisturizes in it like coconut oil
-Very affordable (13.50)
-Very easy to apply
-Color stays on very well and for many hours
-Colors works well with many skin tones and shades

Cons 😒:
-It will come off once you eat, it will require re-application or you will end up with sections of it fading.

Overall this is a gorgeous shade of red lipstick and it is super smooth to apply. What are some of your favorite reds?

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