Keep It Cool With NARS Tinted Moisturizer


Here in Texas we have had a CRAZY summer of weather. Some days the weather is perfect…and well…other days it has been rainy and humid. When Steph knows for sure it is going to be hot, she does not use foundation. Foundation makes her more sweaty and causes her to have breakouts because her pores are clogged. However, with the sun being out sunscreen is critical to protect your skin. The sun has many harmful elements that can negatively impact your skin and health down the line. This should NOT be a deterrent to not go out and enjoy the sun!

Virtuous Virgos Favorite Things

Steph has found an awesome product and solution! Last year she received a Sephora giftcard for her birthday from Virtuous Natural of the Week Kesha. She had planned on buying her beloved Marc Jacobs Scandal lipstick…but..they..were out! *real tears* so she settled on purchasing the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. She had read many rave reviews about it and also seen it featured in one of her favorite YouTuber Fusion of Cultures videos.

So overall this product is very smooth and light. It also contains a SPF of 30. If you are looking for a full coverage type of look, this product is NOT for you. This is great for work and running errands or when you just want to wear just a little something and not be full glam. Steph loves that it gives her a nice glow when she wears it and it does not break her out if she happens to get sweaty while outside. This looks works well with some mascara or lashes and a bold lip. Steph prefers a purple or red lip. Then finish up with some eyeliner and you have a beautiful and easy look.

What is your favorite tinted moisturizer? Do you wear foundation in the summer?

Let's talk about it.