How You Can Be the Belle of the Ball


We are big fans of gorgeous lashes! Belle of the Ball is a brand that we have been rocking for the past few months. If you have seen our Instagram, you can see many of these lash styles.


We are in LOVE with this brand and the style options that are available. The main reason we are so in love with these lashes is that the quality is AMAZING! You can wear these multiple times! One set can be worn twenty-five times! Yes! TWENTY-FIVE TIMES! All it takes is proper care like carefully removing the glue and cleaning them. If are not sure about how to do this let us know in the comments, maybe we can create a YouTube video tutorial. It is super simple and easy to do, plus it’s the proper thing to do. No one can rock an eye infection…just…not…fabulous lol.


Our application of these lashes are done with two different tools. Check out our video to find out what tools we use apply these lashes. Be sure to comment on the video if you want to see a tutorial.

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