How To Get BOMB Eyebrows with NYX Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrows on fleek. This phase is very well known. Eyebrows are a critical part of your look. Eyebrows really help to shape your face. So I’m generally pretty ole school with my eyebrows and used a pencil. I tried to use a pomade like the infamous Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade, but there is a learning curve with it and cost way more than a pencil lol. I was happy with my pencil technique.


Well I am like most of you and LOVE to walk through Ulta to see what new products are out or on sale. I always go to one of my favorite brands NYX. I saw this eyebrow gel and decide to give it a shot.

The packaging of the product is average, nothing spectacular about it, about the size of a lot of my concealers. I got the color Expresso which a very dark brown/light black.


The consistency of this product is very very thick and little goes a loooonnnggg way! In order to apply this product you will need a small angled brush, maybe like the size you would use to apply eyeliner. The brush I used I have had for a while and I purchased it from Target for the low low of $1. Yasss boo boo, don’t sleep on ELF, they have some wins honey.


Using the angle brush outline your brow first and then fill in your brows. This product is very thick and in order to lighten it up I strongly suggest that you brush it out a little bit, to fade it out. If you need a little hold to keep stray hairs in place NYX also has clear eyebrow gel to use. To finish up this look I apply some concealer outside the brows to complete the look. This step is totally NOT necessary and I do NOT do this all the time but it makes your brows look fresh and clean.


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