High Puff to Save the Day!

Virtuous-Virgos-High-Puff-HairstyleA high puff is a basic and essential natural hairstyle. This style is one that has saved many naturals in critical moments of their lives. Oh last minute date night?  Brunch with the girls? Running to the grocery store? No worries, do a quick high puff. 🙂

This was one style that I could not master! 🙁 My curls didn’t have definition, my puff was not tight enough, my hair is too long. These were all my excuses for not achieving a a high puff.

I achieved this curly puff by doing a twist and curl. Twists help to shrink up my hair a bit. The perm rods help to ensure I do not have any cray cray ends. Next, I used a knee-high to start tying up my hair. I personally believe that a knee high is easier to use than an ouchless band. An ouchless bands actually is not ouchless for me. I end up with headaches if my hair is TOO tight OR I snag my hair while trying to wrap the band around my hair twice. To finish this look, I will just clean up my hair and shape the puff to my liking.

What is your technique for doing your high puff?

Let's talk about it.