Glossy with Milani

Glossy with Milani
We have found that sometimes lipgloss alone gives you what you need to master the day. Are you traditional and wear the same lip color or gloss daily?
Milani Necia

This summer switch it up and try some gloss that can carry you from the beach to the board room. Let’s indulge in the positives.
Steph Milani

First, your lips will remain glossy for an extended period of time without drying. Second, the mix of metallic with a hint of color allows you to not be completely rock bare lips. Last but certainly not least these babies are affordable and can be found at your local drug store.Steph picked these up for $6.99 at her local CVS store.

Milani Lipgloss

The only concern we found was this gloss is extremely sticky in texture. We would recommend exfoliating your lips first or wearing a base balm to reduce the stickiness. Enjoy shine this summer ladies!

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