Enjoying the Journey


Transitioning from chemicals to natural can be a total struggle. While that is not my current struggle, my personal life is in transition. I can honestly say that I am at a point where I am enjoying my transition and journey.


For Mother’s Day this year, I decided to professionally get my hair straighten. While my hair was not damaged, my curl pattern in the nape area was looser (which was to be expected).


On my birthday, I finally got enough strength to cut my hair- it’s just hair right? Well, that convo is still up in the air.


I went to Star City Barber Shop Located in Garland and transitioned quickly. Their service and professionalism were equally elite.


While, I shared a short video on Insta- stories while in the process- trust me no video can provide the emotions that were rumbling inside. While, I was almost in tears, the final product was completely worth the roller coaster.


Take time to enjoy your transition, journey or wherever you may be in life.

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