Beauty and Fashion – Our October Favs


October is a month of transitioning into Fall and to let go of bright yellow and pink and switch to mauve and burgundy, which is GREAT! Do you ever just feel like you need a change? Change is great and can help when you are feeling stagnant with your style and look.

  • Autumn Sunshine Candle from Bath & Body Works| Necia LOOOOVVEESSS Bath & Body works! She seriously is a pro with combining sales & coupons together. So this was one of her latest candles she purchased and it is smells A-MA-ZING!
  • NYX Devil’s Food Cake Butter Gloss| We are BIG fans of the NYX Cosmetics lines and this is a gorgeous shade for Fall. It is a deep plum that looks great on many skin tones.


  • L.A Girl Pro Prep Smoothing face primer| This primer is great and not super expensive. This product can be found at your local beauty supply store. It is great for days when you need your makeup to stay and last.


  • Striped Burgundy Dress from Rue21| Steph was a little hesitant on this dress because it is a little short, but it pairs sooo well on her! When you are curvy the myth is that stripes are a big no, no. Well..guess what! That’s not true! Honey, look at this look! It’s good to break the rules! Only bad new is that this one is no longer available on Rue21, but here is one that is similar in style.


  • Ugly Betty Stack| We go to sooo many events and interact with so many vendors and by far this is one of our fav vendors to ALWAYS visit at ANY and EVERY event! We LOVE our stacks. They are so great because you can customize them according to your personality or even your brand.


  • LA Spread Sunglasses| Ok so know how we were just saying Ugly Betty is ONE of our fav two vendors to visit? Well this #bossbabe is another one! She always comes with the latest and greatest looks to keep you looking dope! Which is perfect because Steph is a bit of a sunglass collect. I mean, how DOPE are this these? Seriously very Bruno Mars 24K Magic, don’t you think?
  • Bella Kinks DFW Natural Hair Expo| This event was so lit! From the Expo to the #UltimateBloggersLounge was incredible. This event always holds special memories for us, because it was our first event that we attended as Virtuous Virgos. Stay tuned for our post on this wonderful event. We love meeting new people and hearing from so many powerful and strong women you are building empires with their businesses. It is so encouraging to us and sets us on fire for our passions and goals with our brand Virtuous Virgos.

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