Battle of the Setting Spray – Virtuous Makeup Review


Setting Spray is a sealant for your makeup. It is the final step to ensure your makeup does not melt off your face. If you are like me and sweat glitter, it is nice to have this. Setting spray can also be used for loose pigment and eyeshadows. You can spray a little bit on your brush and then dip the brush into the pigment. This helps to place the pigment exactly where you would like for it to go.

Below are two of our setting sprays that we both use. Both are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased online through Amazon.

ELF Setting Spray


-AMAZING value 2.0 for $3.00

-Works well, very refreshing to have aloe, green team cucumber, and Vitamins A, C, & E.


-The applicator needs to be improved. It is actually a challenge to get it to spray on your face.

-Leaves a bit of a dewy finish, this is fine if this works for you. I prefer more a semi-matte look.

Mary Kay Finishing Spray by Skindinavia


-Works great and for hours

-Has a matte finish

-Dries quickly


-A little expensive 2.0 FL oz. for $15.99

For this round either will work. Just out of convenience the Mary Kay version is better because applying it is not nearly as messy as the ELF spray. However, one way to combat this is to simply use another applicator. For example, we are going to use the Mary Kay applicator (once it’s empty) in the ELF spray.

Do you have a favorite setting spray? Well don’t keep it a secret let us know so we can try it out!

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