7 Tips for Bold New Color for Natural Hair

Photo Credit: Marrica Evans (Flaunt Your Fro)

Hi everyone! As a follow-up to the our coloring process post, Steph wanted to give a few tips about her new hair color. These are some tips that she thought off before, during, after her color. Check them out below and let us know your thoughts!

1.) Be sure to look at LOTS of pictures with people of your skin tone to get an idea of what you will look like with your desired hair color. This is extremely helpful for your stylists and you to get an idea of how light or dark you want to go and the undertone of your shade. Pinterest is one of the BEST places to find pictures. You can check out our Virtuous Natural Hair Color Board for ideas.

2.) Consider going one or two shades darker than your desired hair color at the roots in order to get acclimated to a new look. For me,  this dramatic color caused me to be in TOTAL shock the first few days after the process. However, you are welcomed to just take the plunge…but..for myself…I was NOT ready!

3.) Be sure to get a consultation with a professional. Your stylist should be able to create a plan to get to your desired color. Chi was amazing with me and I sent her a this picture below and she explained what it would take to get my desired color.



4.) Adjust your makeup accordingly, your new hair color might CLASH with your current makeup colors. This was one thing that I did not think about at ALL! I got home and realized that ohhhh…wow…my eyebrows look BLACK! So I now use a lighter brown pencil for my brows. Certain shades of my lipstick does not compliment my new hair color. Case in point, is my bright red lipstick….*sheds tear* that Ruby Woo was my homie, lover, friend! Now I wear lighter shades like nudes and pinks.


5.) Be sure to have color treated products available in order to maintain and protect your new color from fading. I had to purchase some additional products, because I did not have any. Also more care is needed, because red tends to fade the fastest out of all hair colors. Here is a great product that the stylist used in my hair. It can be purchased at Ulta or on Amazon. (Whoop Whoop! Amazon Prime in the house!)


6.) Create a maintenance plan with your stylist if you want to maintain your new hair color. This is critical in order to maintain the color, as you can continue to wash your hair, the color fades. My stylist has suggested a  touch up in a few weeks.

7.) Be ready to WERK! You will get notice, so have your confidence on DECK! Overall I am sticking with red hair for a while. I am L-O-V-I-N-G it! It is really fun and provides me with a new challenge in my natural hair journey. I had become a little bored with twistouts and braidouts at the length that it was. Now I am FORCED to learn more about myself and my hair.


Do you have any questions for me and my new hair? Drop a comment below! Thanks for reading and share this with anyone who wants some new color. God bless!


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