5 Fun Family Activities to Soak Up Some Sunshine!


We have to remember to play out in the sun! Go live it up with your family and friends!  Here are 5 fun activities that can be enjoyed outside with little cost and effort.

  1. Have a Picnic – You don’t have a fancy picnic basket! A regular Target or Wal-Mart bag will be just fine. Have everyone get involved with packing sandwiches, chips, fruit, and cookies!
  2. Walk in the Park – It is nice just going for a walk together, by yourself, or with a friend. Walking is a great stress reliever and can be relaxing. It can be a nice time to reflect and mediate.
  3. Water Balloon Fight – Water balloons are pretty cheap to buy! Fill up a few and have at it!
  4. Capture the Flag –  Anything can be a flag! Set up your teams, hide your “flag”, and let the games begin!
  5. Go on an adventure – Once upon a time three travelers walked through the forest. Oh! What did they find? A DRAGON! Have each person take a turn on how to complete the adventure as you walk around your backyard or the park.

Here in Texas, the weather has been BEAUTIFUL! We have a few more weeks left of really awesome weather. We have definitely been enjoying a lot of  these activities. Now go soak up some sun! Being out in the sun is a great way to spend time with your family and appreciate what God has blessed you with!

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