5 Fall Lipsticks for Dark Skin Tones

Fall LipsticksThis summer was full of beautiful bright pink and purple lipsticks! However, as the temperature drops your lipstick color should be deeper. Here are some of our favorite shades that we are loving!

  • Ruby Kisses #22
    • This is a beautiful deep shimmery purple color. It is very moisturizing and pigmented.
  • NYX Copenhagen
    • My absolute favorite! Reds are my weakness! I have a million different shades of reds! I love this red because this is blue based which is great for my skin tone. This is a very deep blue-ish red. It is a matte but not nearly as drying as most matte lipsticks.
  • MAC Diva
    • This is a deeper red as well but with orange in it. This is nice color that scream autumn.
  • MAC Media
    • This is a great color that does not scream “Hey look at me!” Just a nice purple. This is a satin type and will not dry out your lips.
  • Miliani Toast
    • Miliani has tons of great lipsticks! They are such great products! I did take a plunge with this color because it is actually a brown satin color. A very nice color that can be worn to work.

We hope you give some of these a chance. What are some of your favorite lipsticks for fall?

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