4 Styles of Jumpsuits


There are so many different styles of jumpsuits trending. Here are a few of our favorites. No matter your size a jumpsuit can be worn to fit your style and personality. Jumpsuits are very versatile as they can be worn for casual day look to night with little effort.


Necia is sporting a navy blue jumpsuit with gold details. This navy blue jumpsuit is great for brunch with the girls. Necia paired this look with her Michael Kors scandals. Oh you fancy huh? You wanna switch it up because you have a cocktail party, then pair this jumpsuit with some strappy heels to dress it up.

STEPH-JUMPSUIT-PLUSSIZE-VIRTUOUS-VIRGOSSteph is rocking a black and white jumpsuit. This jumpsuit is perfect if you want to enter into the jumpsuit trend and you are nervous about it. The bottom is solid black to help hide some of your flaws. This is important for Steph as she has plenty of hips. The top half of this jumpsuit a simple pattern. This pattern can be paired with a solid statement necklace that is shown on Steph. Wearing a pattern on top will help bring all the attention there versus the bottom half of this jumpsuit.  NECIA-SHORT-JUMPSUIT-VIRTUOUS-VIRGOS


Necia is wearing a shorts jumpsuit with lime green fringe heels. Fringe heels complete the look by adding some texture to her look. If you choose to wear a shorts jumpsuit heels are needed to dress up this look and to elongate your legs. If you do not have a pair of fringe heels then a strappy pair of heels or wedge sandals will work as well. STEPH-BLACK-AND-WHITE-PATTERN-JUMPSUIT


Steph is rocking a full pattern jumpsuit with a pair of clear lace-up jelly shoes. This statement necklace is one of Steph’s favorites because it can be paired with many outfits. The full pattern jumpsuit is fun and definitely not for the tame as it is a scene stealer. This is a nice jumpsuit that can be paired with a blazer as well to dress it up with a pair of  bright-colored wedges.

Do you like to wear jumpsuits? What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.



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