4 Steps to Removing Your Protective Style

4 Steps to Removing Your Protective Style

Steph and Necia both had protective styles during the winter into spring. The take down process is the dreadful part so here is a simple way we take down our protective styles while shielding our strands.

Step 1 – Cut it Out

Locate where your hair ends and the extension begins.  Typically, you will see the new growth pushing through the extensions. If you are wearing crochet style you can cut directly at the loop, yet ensure to not cut your cornrow unless you will possibly have a short spot.

Cutting Process

Step 2 – Detangle while you moisture and condition

We love coconut oil, it’s simply the truth. So we saturate our scalp with coconut oil and began to finger detangle with conditioner.  That’s right before we cleanse this time we condition to soften the strands and break up the buildup of products used throughout time. Don’t get too excited remember to completely rinse out the conditioner.


Step 3 – Cleanse and Wash

This step is vital as your stands since your hair has not been thoroughly cleanse since before the protective style; even if you have washed while in the protected style.  We like to complete sections at a time to minimize the tangles or knots.

LOC Method

Step 4-  Deep Condition

Pull out your favorite deep conditioner and slather those strands with love. If you still have tangles, now is the time to work them all out. Ensure you don’t short yourself on time.

Backview of Twists

After you have completed the take down, be gentle. Don’t over work your stands; complete the normal LOC Method (Leave-In Conditioner, Oil and Cream) and try a wash and go or simple flat twist.

Finished Look



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