10 Inspirational Quotes To Get You Though the Storm


As seasons change around us at this time of year, we experience changes as well. Some changes are good and bring joy, whereas other are devastating. At times you are speechless and need a quick reminder that you WILL get through this storm. Here are some quick words of encouragement for you. Please share this post to those you need encouragement bookmark this for yourself as quick reminders when you are feeling low.

At times you just want to stand still and do nothing. Movement is always the best thing to do, no matter what. Moving forward gives you the opportunity to see what’s ahead.


A cheerful heart can do wonders in every situation. Surround yourself with friends and family that will bring you joy. If they do not bring you joy, limit your time with them.


Remember, how we just said some movement is better than no movement? Well remember when you are back in school learning about the number line? Well remember left of zero or backwards on a number line was negative. Going right or forward on the number line is positive. So let’s move forward towards the future.


Risk-tasking can be very uncomfortable, but sometimes you just gotta cannonball into the pool! Nothing great has EVER came from someone being comfortable in their little bubbles. Bubbles are MEANT to be popped! Hehehehe…see what we did there lol.


Walt Disney was waaayyy ahead his time a such a visionary. Visionaries are not created overnight, they are created step by step. Many of us have thoughts and dreams, but it’s that last step that will hold us back. Remember to think, dream, and dare!


Many of our futures never change because we are stuck in the past. The past contains all our hurts, pains, and regrets. On the other hand it contained all your hopes, dreams, and accomplishments. Both of these being positive or negative can keep you from living in present and moving into the future of your dreams.


One way to let go of your past is to pray about getting moving forward to forgive that person. Love is powerful and can conquer all things.


THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE. HOW IN THE WORLD. I DON’T BELIEVE IT. These are all phrases we have at one point said ourselves or heard someone else say. Just in our lifetime along so many wonderful things have happened that we thought would NEVER happen. What are you doing RIGHT now in YOUR life to do the IMPOSSIBLE?


People are weak and will let you down. God never will. In your moment of weakness, just know that God is the way and will sustain you in ANY storm. Everyone’s storm is different, your storm is not the same as your friend or family member. God knows this and WILL take care of you.


Working for the LORD you will ALWAYS prosper more than working for people. It is easy to lose sight what the true path the LORD wants you on.

We all face times in our lives that we need help in a storm. It is great to have some inspirational quotes to get you through. These are some of our favorites that we pray will encourage you as well. Check out our Instagram for more tips and inspiration.

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